Nancy Dionne is a documentary filmmaker, associate producer and award-winning photojournalist. Past projects include: Transform Films Inc "Stranger/Sister" 2020, BreakThru Films “New Voices” segment for the 2018 Oscars, Lost Footage Films for The Wall Street Journal Magazine “Columnists” series, Hitman Productions ITVS series pilot “Should We Kid or Not?” and for Director Dempsey Rice “The Animated Mind of Oliver Sacks”.

Her focus to take a viewer “to a threshold” which is why producing stories that create new possibilities for envisioning better futures is her passion. The word “Future” is in most of her personal projects including the award winning "All I See is the Future", "The Future is Rotten" and her third film in process "Conduction".

She founded “Express Your Last Wishes: Leave in Love” to help people clarify their intentions for loved ones via video messages, is a Deans List graduate from the New York Film Academy’s documentary program and holds a BFA in photography with honors from the San Francisco Art Institute.

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"Best photos I've ever had taken of me for my website--and then a session with my whole close family--11 people!Nancy made both events creative and tactical delights. Unforgettable results!The eye of an artist and the heart of a healer and the brain of an organizational wizard, Nancy is gifted beyond belief! Truly!"  B. Bowles

"I worked with Nancy and highly recommend her. She is creative, spontaneous, highly professional, yet relaxed and intuitive. I felt gotten right away with who I was. The end result was fantastic, very professional, yet candid. Most importantly the images felt true to who I am. It was most importantly an enjoyable experience; I was laughing most of the time. I will use Nancy again and continue to recommend her to people."  J. Benioff



Multi-Potentiality Award Winner for Best Short Documentary  NYWIFT online Film Festival in partnership with Roku and iWoman TV, NYC 2021


Audience Award Winner for Best Short Documentary  Montreal International Black Film Festival 2020

First Place Best Documentary New York Women In Film and Television  Online Shorts Festival, in partnership with Go Indie TV and Roku TV 2020

Winner Best Documentary Canada Shorts Film Festival 2019

Special Jury Prize for Achievement in Social Impact and Activism. Crested Butte Film Festival, Colorado 2019.

Nominated "Best Documentary" Winter International Film Festival, New York City, 2019 


8 News and 11 Editorial Feature Photo Awards, Society of Professional Journalists, 2001-2008

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