Pro tennis player Jennifer Capriati wearing ared and white tennis outfit about to hit the tennis ball at the Pilot Penn Pro Tennis Tournament.  Photo by Nancy Dionne
Main character Bryant Pearson walking away from his past home, in a red sweater, tie and glasses, from the short award winning documentary film "All I See is the Future" about restorative and social justice, second chances.  Film by Nancy Dionne
Two mushroom foragers Roy and Deb sitting on a fallen tree in the woods with their dog, smelling a Matsutake mushroom, are the main characters of the short documentary film "The Future is Rotten" by Nancy Dionne
A cheer team in green and white uniforms tosses one of their members into a spin up into the air above their circle, ready for the catch.  Photo by Nancy Dionne
100 year old, Joanna Marsman in her hospital bed wearing a white sweater gazes out the window contemplating the end of her life.  Photo by Nancy Dionne
Abstract close up of water, creating a calming sense of waves within waves.  Photo by Nancy Dionne
Young girl in a purple fairy dress leans against a car door looking forlorn. Photo by Nancy Dionne
The back of yoga teacher Nicki Doane sitting cross legged facing hundreds of students in a large hall during a Yoga Journal conference in San Francisco.  Photo by Nancy Dionne
A Chinese woman wearing a white sweater and black pants and holding a plastic bag, stopping to look a fallen down very large MasterCard sign.  Photo by Nancy Dionne
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